Fulcrum Pharmacy Provides:

  • Specialized medication packaging: Blister pack, Unit Dose, Vial, Medicine-On-Time
  • 24/7 Pharmacy Access
  • Delivery options:
       Daily, Cycle, Emergency
  • Phone, Fax and Internet access
  • Reimbursement and billing expertise
  • Private insurance direct billing
  • Medicaid/Medicare D billing
  • Educational programs
  • Cost efficient and effective medication therapy recommendations
  • Easy stop and change orders



Fulcrum provides a wide array of services designed to meet the specialized needs of each facility and patient we serve. Customers of Fulcrum Pharmacy benefit from personalized service, including specialty packaging. Options for packaging include; unit dose, blister packs, medicine-on-time (MOT), and vial. Fulcrum provides these packaging options, except for MOT, free of charge. 

Fulcrum will conduct a routine Clozaril ® clinic at your facility, as well as monitor the labs for those clients who take the medication as part of their treatment at your facility. Services

Fulcrum offers free daily medication delivery along with cycle delivery options.  Medications will be delivered promptly to your facility by our team of professional and courteous drivers. Fulcrum drivers deliver medications throughout all three counties in Delaware and the surrounding area each day.

Fulcrum specializes in maximizing reimbursement for the client, facility, or both if applicable.  Our years of experience with all types of insurance and assistance plans have enabled us to become experts in putting together a cost effective plan and then ensuring benefits realization for each client.  

Fulcrum is enrolled as a provider for Delaware Medical Assistance (Medicaid), Delaware Prescription Assistance Plan (DPAP), all of the Medicare Part D PDP’s operating in Delaware, as well as  a variety of third party payers. Our highly skilled reimbursement specialists increase efficiency and cost effectiveness for our facilities and clients.  As a leading provider of pharmacy services to the special needs community, Fulcrum is committed to offering those we serve with the latest information regarding Medicare Part D, and direct assistance programs, to ensure that they are used to the fullest. 

At your request, a Fulcrum pharmacist will come to your facility and perform a courtesy inspection or audit of your med room or medication storage facility. This is especially useful if done in advance of a formal audit or certification inspection, but can be done at any time. Fulcrum also provides ongoing drug therapy management.

Fulcrum Pharmacy is always available to our customers. Our pharmacists are on-call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for consultation, questions or whatever your pharmacy need may be. If you have an emergency prescription need, Fulcrum has strategic contracts with pharmacies throughout the state to fill your prescription at any hour of the night.

Pharmacy Standard Services

  • Drug utilization review
  • Drug chart audits
  • Complete psychotropic monitoring
  • Clozaril® lab monitoring & Clozaril clinic
  • Med room audits
  • Direct counseling of patients

Medication Fill Options Include:

  • On-Demand
  • Auto Refill
  • Cycles Fills – 7, 28 and 30 day
  • Weekly and bi-weekly cycle options
  • Emergency Fill