Fulcrum Pharmacy Provides

  • Comprehensive quality assurance plan
  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Medication / station reviews and reports
  • Electronic reporting tools
  • Courtesy audits of your facility
  • Comprehensive policy and procedure manuals
  • Technician training and certification program
  • Active participation in committees and meetings at facilities
  • Prompt and courteous delivery



Quality and Continuous Improvement

To achieve optimal customer service and satisfaction, Fulcrum has a comprehensive quality assurance and continuous quality improvement plan. Additionally, Fulcrum engages in the development of new services and programs for our clients. Fulcrum continuously works with its customers to provide them with opportunities to improve the quality of care for their patients and clients, while reducing overall costs. Our highly skilled pharmacists, and regimented delivery system, ensure that the right medications are in the right place at the right time.  Our enhanced level of service over national retail and “corporate” LTC pharmacies helps the health care professionals in the facilities that we serve to provide high quality care for their clients.

Fulcrum Pharmacy takes the timely and accurate filling of all prescriptions very seriously. The pharmacy’s goal is zero medication errors, and zero prescriptions to be delayed for delivery. To that end, we have implemented a strict quality assurance, error tracking and continuous improvement feedback loop system (below). This system is designed to ensure that the quality of service we provide now is excellent, and the service we will provide in future is better still.

Fulcrum’s pharmacists provide direction and education for all of our clients through consultation that address all aspects of the handling, storage and administration of medications. Fulcrum provides ongoing drug therapy management by our pharmacists to improve patient outcomes, while containing costs.CI

Pharmacy Standard Services

  • Drug utilization review
  • Drug chart audits
  • Complete psychotropic monitoring
  • Clozaril® lab monitoring & Clozaril clinic
  • Med room audits
  • Direct counseling of patients